Hawkmoths of  Brazil  by Alan Martin

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Misc. Sphingini


Small nocturnal Dilophonotini



Erinnyis & Phryxus

Miscellaneous Dilophonotini


The 189 species recorded in Brazil have been split into 11 Keys (some representing Tribes and others Genera) and within each Key similar species are grouped together with comments on how to separate them. These Keys are supported by the photos of live specimens and museum pinned specimens, and information on distribution is given within the General Information section. The species included in the Photo Gallery, Pinned Specimens and General Information pages are all displayed in the same sequence as in the Keys. Some species can easily be identified from the Keys, but for others you may have to refer to all the supporting pages and for some even this may not make a definitive identification possible.

The photographs below show typical examples of the species covered in each Key.