Hawkmoths of  Brazil  by Alan Martin

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1.  Aellopos with a white rump

A. tantalus tantalus: smaller than fadus and titan and with only three spots in a line and a fourth above the outer one. Diurnal.

Wing: 20-32 mm

A. clavipes clavipes: almost identical to tantalus and only the males can be separated by a microscopic examination of the legs.

Wing: 28-33 mm

A. fadus: two lines of white spots across the forewing but note the double spots in the centre of the outer row. Diurnal.

Wing: 25-35 mm

A. titan: similar to fadus but lacking the double white spots and with a black discal spot. Diurnal.

Wing: 26-35 mm

2.  Aellopos without a white rump

A. ceculus: no white rump and bright yellow on hindwing. Diurnal.

Wing: 19-26 mm