Hawkmoths of  Brazil  by Alan Martin

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Glossary: information on the source of some of the data presented in the General Information pages plus a diagram illustrating the terms used in the Key identification notes.

References: publications and websites used in the preparation of this website.

REGUA records by month: since 2004 records have been kept of the hawkmoths attracted to the lights  at the Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu lodge, near Cachoeiras de Macacu in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The table lists all the species found and the months in which they were recorded.

Hawkmoths of the Serra dos Orgaos: a table showing the species that have been recorded in 5 of the municipalities of the Serra dos Orgaos in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Much of this information was collected by the late Henry Pearson (1911-2004) but it has been supplemented by other records submitted to the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, plus records from REGUA.

Other South American species: a collection of additional photos of hawkmoths taken in South America but which have not been recorded in Brazil.

Pseudosphinx tetrio (male) and Manduca hannibal hamilcar

Alan Martin, REGUA, Aug. 2010

Pachylioides resumens and Isognathus swainsonii

Alan Martin, REGUA, Aug. 2010

Manduca florestan and Manduca leucospila

Alan Martin, REGUA, Nov. 2010

Pseudosphinx tetrio (male) and Nyceryx coffaeae      Alan Martin, REGUA, Aug. 2010

Agrius cingulata, Adhemarius daphne, Manduca diffissa petuniae, Manduca rustica, Manduca hannibal hamilcar, Xylophanes soaresi, Pseudosphinx tetrio, Enyo ocypete, Neococytius cluentius, Cocytius duponchel (2)

Alan Martin, REGUA, Aug. 2010

Manduca janira (prob.), Xylophanes xylobotes, Eumorpha translineatus, Xylophanes isaon (2), Xylophanes aglaor and Xylophanes indistincta

Alan Martin, Nova Friburgo, Oct. 2014

Xylophanes chiron nechus, Callionima nomius (2), Protambulyx strigilis, Callionima inuus, Eumorpha fasciatus, Hemeroplanesornatus, Manduca lefeburii and Errinyis ello

Alan Martin, REGUA, Mar. 2011

Manduca janira specimens at the Natural History Museum in London